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Print Magazine

A popular graphic design magazine. Mostly suited for student and young designers. Contains a lot of information about graphic design, samples from the printed magazine, blog, etc.


* We Recommend - registrat to "the Daily Heller" - a daily mail by Steven Heller, a leading graphic designer researcher and critic.

Communication Arts

A popular magazine dealing with four visual design fields - graphic design. Illustration, photography, and interactive design. The magazine's annual issues - four issues covering the top art works in each of the magazine fields of interest.

eye Magazine

One of the leading graphic design magazines.


How Magazine

A Graphic design magazine emphasising  the business side of design. Includs texts in diverse subjects, like self promotion, finding and cultivating clients, business management for freelance designers, and career planing. The site includes a blog, forum, wanted ads, competitions, events, and more.



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